Bernhard Peschl

🎺🇩🇪🎻 Bernhard Peschl of the Munich Philharmonic about his “Passion heavy”: “I appreciate the Weimann trumpets so much because they have a nice, soft and dark sound, have a great intonation and centered tones and an excellent response. Last but not least, the making of the trumpets is masterful.”

US West Coast 2019

🇺🇸️🎺🇩🇪️ Our next trip to the US starts very soon already! We have try-outs planned in the following cities: Los Angeles: February 15th Las Vegas: February 19th San Francisco: February 21th Portland: February 27th Seattle: tba We are looking forward to meeting many interested trumpet players during this trip! Please write us an Email if you are interested …

Toshihide Fukuchi

🇯🇵🎺🇩🇪 We are always excited to receive greetings from happy trumpet players from somewhere in the world even after a few years. In this case Toshihide Fukuchi from Japan, with his Bb and C “Passion”.

New York City

🇺🇸️🎺🇩🇪️ Many thrilled trumpet players have made our first two try-outs at Local 802 and Juilliard School a great success. We still have a few more try-outs on this trip: Philadelphia: Dec. 8th 1-4pm; Curtis Institute of Music New Haven: Dec. 10th 6-9pm; Yale School of Music Boston: Dec. 12th 10am-6pm; Curiosity Music Pittsburgh: Dec. …

US Tour 2018

🇺🇸🎺🇩🇪 Less then two weeks until our next big trip to the US starts. 24 different C, Bb and Eb/D rotary trumpets are already on their way to New York and we can not wait to show them to you! These are the locations of our public try-outs: New York City: Dec. 6th 2-7pm; Local …