Chris Martin | Principal Trumpet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I played the new trumpet. today in the orchestra, and it really is outstanding. It is exactly the sound, blend and feel I've been hearing (only) in my head for many years, and I am so happy to hear it in real life for the first time!

Chris Martin & John Hagstrom | Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"The new "Passion" model rotary C trumpet made by Alexander Weimann is excellent.  It combines qualities of excellent intonation, response and technical agility with the full weighty sound associated with vintage rotary valved C trumpets.  It is especially compatible to blend with and compliment the french horn sound in the orchestra, and we played them very successfully as part of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's recent Asian tour.  These trumpets are well worth the effort to test as part of anyone's search for a superior instrument to play alone or in the orchestra.  Bravo!"

James Ross, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra New York, USA

„In my opinion, simply the finest rotary trumpet I have ever played. Great response, spot-on intonation, beautiful tone, and fine craftsmanship. Bravo Herr Wemann!“


Since 2011 BBC plays WEIMANN C-trumpets mod. "Passion".



Steffen Naumann | Principal Trumpet, Jena Philharmonie

„I have been playing a custom-made WEIMANN B-flat rotary trumpet  for about three years. In addition to the many compliments that I have received from students since playing on my WEIMANN trumpet, both of my colleagues in the orchestra were so thrilled with it that they now both  play them too, making us the first orchestra world-wide playing exclusively WEIMANN trumpets.

These top-notch instruments solve some of the typical problems of daily orchestral playing by themselves, turning work back into play.

Piergiuseppe Doldi | Principal trumpet, Gran teatro la Fenice, Venezia

„I’m very thankful to Alexander Weimann for my new rotary C-trumpet (Classico). I believe this instument has a wonderful sound – warm and intense – with a fluidity from the lower  to the upper register and a homogenous sound that is unique in my experience, with great intonation.  I think that WEIMANN trumpets will  be of great benefit to any trumpet player.“


"The Toronto Symphony has recently purchased a set of four Weimann C rotary trumpets.  We love them!  They are easy to play, the intonation is terrific and the sound is exactly what we were looking for.  Since we've gotten them we've played them on everything from Strauss to Beethoven.  These are the best rotary trumpets I've ever played!  I can't recommend them highly enough."
Andrew McCandless
Principal Trumpet, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Roger Zacks | Principal trumpet, Duisburg Philharmonic (Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein)

„A former student of mine brought me a WEIMANN rotary E-flat trumpet to try out. It immediately replaced my own E-flat. A few weeks later I was able to meet Alexander Weimann personally  at an exhibit of his instruments, and I was just as impressed with Alexander Weimann as I was with his trumpets.  On that day I tried out many of the WEIMANN C-trumpets, and my only problem was in deciding  which C-trumpet to take home with me.

Recently I was a guest in his workshop, and I fell in love with one of his B-flat trumpets. The company will start on my newly-ordered B-flat soon. In my 35 years as a working orchestral musician I have never purchased three instruments from the same manufacturer in six months - until now. This speaks for itself.

No two trumpet players play alike. Because of this,  manufacturers must build  different models thatmeet the needs of their potential customers. The difficulty lies not necessarily in the design and manufacturing of different models, but in fitting the correct instrument with each trumpet player that walks into his shop, regardless of their style or level. Alexander Weimann does this in a way that is unique in my experience.

Spend a day with a  trumpet made by Alexander Weimann. It will be the first of many.“

Siegfried Ratz | Philharmonic Orchestra Augsburg

 „I changed over to trumpets made by Alexander Weimann exactly  one year ago. Playing on this instrument is simply more enjoyable. Precise intonation and response make it easy to concentrate on the important things – the music and the phrasing. These instruments sound warm and round, but when necessary huge and nobel without ever sounding harsh.

I’m happy to have left the mainstream trumpets behind. For me these are the best trumpets on the market, made by the friendliest trumpet maker!“

Carol Fatyol | Principal Trumpet, Mittelsächsische Philharmonie

WEIMANN B-flat trumpet model „Vivat“, silver-plated: „This trumpet has simply everything that I expect from a rotary trumpet: great sound, comfortable feel, accuracy, versatility, clean intonation, and of course, the ability to stand out in solo situations. I will never get rid of this trumpet, and I would suggest to anyone thinking about a WEIMANN trumpet – just get in touch with him, and try out these instruments.“

Lertkiat Chongjirajitra | Principal Trumpet: Bangkok Symphony

Lertkiat Chongjirajitra, Principal Trumpet Bangkok Symphony Orchestra| Trumpet/Brass lecturer: Silpakorn University Faculty of Music | Director: Bangkok Silpakorn Wind Orchestra | Yamaha Artist/Thailand

„This WEIMANN trumpet gives me the confidence in knowing that I am performing on a perfect orchestral trumpet with a beautiful tone [...]“

Jörg Röhrig | Principal Trumpet, Landesbühnen Sachsen Dresden- Radebeul

„In addition to the solid handcraftsmanship that goes into building these instruments, the dynamic airflow with a comfortable resistance is immediately apparent. Immediate response, a versatile sound character through all dynamics, and great balance in all registers is what defines the WEIMANN B-flat trumpet. The colorful sound spectrum of this trumpet allows it to be heard in the orchestra as well as blend beautifully with other instrument groups. A trumpet that does everything that I could wish for…“

Rainer Hauf | Music teacher and freelance trumpeter

„This trumpet convinced me through its direct, clear, and free response. The resistance is consisent in all registers, which results in good flexibility and a feeling of security…“




Mario Richter | Trumpet player, Theater Orchestra, Plauen Zwickau

„The C-trumpet Primus 2 from Alexander Weimann is characterised through its great tonal qualities, superb  intonation, and wonderfully light response in all registers.“

Sebastian Krystek | Badische Philharmonie Pforzheim

„I’d like to thank Alexander Weimann for an instrument that is a pleasure to play in every situation that I encounter!“


Markus Tappe

„Alexander Weimann’s workshop is not only characterised by  great craftsmanship that produces incredible instruments, making it possible for every musician to get the most out of their efforts. Another special feature is the heartfelt and yet extremely competent customer care from Alexander Weimann, who exudes a passion, curiosity, and enjoyment in his work at every moment. This feeling, in addition to the incredible trumpets that Weimann makes leaves me no doubt about having made the right choice.“

Johannes Bartmann | Academy Student at the Berlin State Opera "Unter Den Linden"

„ My C-trumpet (Vivat) from WEIMANN fulfills all that I require from it. Its ideal response in combination with great intonation makes it possible to play this trumpet in all of the different situations that come up in my profession.“

Cornelia Schönherr | Erfurt Philharmonic Orchestra

„For me as a musician, it is important to be able count on the security and precision of the response on the trumpet in all registers. My WEIMANN trumpet does all of this and more – as a second trumpeter I’m also now able to do this with a large and sonorous sound.

My WEIMANN trumpet blends well with trumpets from other manufacturers and still retains its own personality.“